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Ummmm...... yeah, I'm DethRegh and you're not.

An eight and a half of shrooms consumed

Staring into my TV screen watching the Earth on my PS3

Rotate in one direction—Melt in the other

The transition in progress between Disposition and Reflection

The blue light from my lamp projects an oceanic vibe through out

My Mind was blown

Eyes closed—but with visuals so vivid—I felt transported to a new world

Just a small Caterpillar, laying in the grass

The Milkman and Conge were sitting atop mushrooms playing MTG

for what feels like an eternity.

I watched this world Unfold

I watched the Sun rise and the flowers bloom

Just lying in the grass

Spinning my cocoon—preparing for my transformation

Then I saw Flames consume the world around me

Accompanied with demon screams

And a sky blacker than the center of a Black Hole

This beautiful world was dying around me

but then the Flames dissipated

‘Twas a Cleansing Flame

From the ruins of this charred world

Life began to sprout

Flowers blossomed where they once stood proud

Mighty Trees grew miles high

To replace their elder trees

The Peace Train had come

I opened my eyes as I emerged from my cocoon

Taken back—I was lying in my bed wrapped in my blanket

This vivid world—I felt so real

Wasn’t real at all

But It was

It was the way my Third Eye

seeing the World around me

Creating my structure now I shall reign in blood

Creating my structure now I shall reign in blood

Only for the weak

Only for the weak